Booking Hot

Released 2017
PRofit feat. JFB (Produced by JFrank)
Includes remix by Shaka Loves You


Released 2017
PRofit feat. David Boomah (Produced by Apex 2010)
Includes remixes by Ben Braund, Fenna Rhodes and Mac Dubz

True Colours Album

Release 2016

“PRofit’s debut album ‘True Colours’

Features: Chip Fu, MysDiggi, Mr. Ti2bs, Serocee & JFB.

Production credits from Skitz, King Yoof, JFrank and Vigilante. 

Next Riddim

Released 2016
PRofit feat. Mr.Ti2bs & Juxci D (Produced by King Yoof)
Includes remix by Gold Dubs

True Colours Part 2

Released 2015
PRofit feat. Chip Fu & Jah Mirikle (Produced by Vigilante, Grand Unified & PRofit)
Includes remixes by Tigerlight, B-Side and Fullmarx

Electric Smile

Released 2015
PRofit feat. Serocee, Mysdiggi & Zoe Evangeline (Produced by Ekizel)
Includes remix by B-Side

True Colours Part 1

Released 2014
PRofit feat. Jah Mirikle (Produced by Skitz)
Includes remixes by Skullee, WBBL & Howla and Dialect & Kosine)

Push Back

Released 2012
PRofit feat. David Boomah & Shortston (Produced by Kid Digital)
Includes remix by Nick Thayer

Documented Memories

Released 2008
Features Necaras, Carmody and Neech
Production by Vigilante and JC

The Life E.P

Released 2005
Features Necaras & Carmody – Production by JC and Vigilante
Original release, physical only 2000 units sold now only available from PRofit’s Bandcamp